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At Dreamy Children Center’s Islamic Program we trust that the world can be an ideal world if everyone follows their true fitrah (nature) through the right education and the right environment.

At our state licensed Center, parents will get the best of both worlds—a high-quality education founded on a revolutionary, world recognized educational philosophy while simultaneously maintaining the need for Islamic teachings and guidance as one’s way of life.

We are determined to teach our young Muslim students to be lifelong learners, strong members of the community and to become productive Muslim citizens in their societies. Our greater vision is to ensure that educating children through the Islamic teachings and methodologies reaches far and wide all over Michigan and beyond by committing to our mission of providing extensive training for future teachers who are English proficient and of high standards.



Dreamy Islamic Academy dedicates themselves in providing an excellent academic education. One that meets the Michigan State Standards and Common Core for all subjects. As well, as provides the top of the line Islamic education with the latest materials, and highly qualified staff with years of experience.